Hello, my name is Semen and I am 15 years old. I have been in Romania for almost two years now because of the war. It all happened very unexpectedly for me, first we went to visit relatives in western Ukraine and after a month or two we went to Romania in Iasi. No one knew and does not know how long it will all be, but one thing is known, life will never be the same for anyone. I feel at ease here and I like this city. My favorite places are downtown and parks. I think that many people have received enough help so far, but support for refugees has always been and will be important. During these two years of living in Iasi, I went to many different electives, camps, classes and meetings from various refugee aid organizations. My favorites are La Rascruce and World Vision. I am a very creative person and I like to design, sculpt, saw, burn or paint. I make crafts from different materials when an interesting idea comes to me or during art classes. I also like reciting poetry, which I often do when I get the chance. So what advice can I give to refugees coming to Romania? Never give up and always go for your goal, even if it seems that everything is lost.

Kyiv city,
A student of the international Romanian school „Seven Hills”,
+380505110622 (WhatsApp, Telegram)