Between 01.09.2015-29.10.2015, APD Buzau implements the project “SAY” NO “TO VIOLENCE AND CORRUPTION IN BUZOIEN SCHOOLS”, within the high schools from Buzau county.
Aim: to inform, raise awareness and actively and creatively involve young people in the prevention of violence and corruption in schools in Buzau.
3. General objective:
Improving students’ ability to communicate, identify, process and transmit information; to think critically and to solve problems; to plan rationally and to organize activities; to manage time, financial and other resources. resources, to act creatively, with meaning, to take the initiative, to be independent, to take responsibility for our own actions, to cooperate, to resolve disagreements and conflicts in a constructive way, to take part in life of the school, the local community, the society; if necessary, to exercise leadership in the implementation of plans, etc.).
Specific objectives:
1. involvement of students in activities for preventing and combating violence and corruption in the Buzau school environment;
2. improving the image of the Buzau school in the community;
3. developing students’ creative capacity and civic dialogue.
Financier: Buzau City Hall