Pro Democracy Association, General Anticorruption Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Hanns Seidel Romania Foundation together with the main sponsor FLANCO launch ANTI-CORRUPTION FILM FESTIVAL 2015, the first project with the theme “Anti-corruption education through film”.
The partners have concluded an institutional partnership with the Transylvania International Film Festival (TIFF) in Romania, which was in 2015, at its 14th edition
The project aims to promote transparency, integrity, accountability and good governance by achieving three dimensions of corruption prevention: informing about the negative effects of corruption, encouraging an intolerance attitude and stimulating those affected to report corruption to the competent authorities. All these dimensions have in view, in addition, a future-oriented action, because it is addressed primarily to young people, who are encouraged to take a stand against corruption as active citizens, thus developing the Romanian civil society in a broad sense.
The main action of the project consists in organizing a short film competition addressed to both amateur and professional filmmakers in Romania.
Thus, the ORGANIZERS launch the announcement for the Short Film Competition.
The films entered in the Anti-corruption Film Festival 2015 Competition must cumulatively meet the rules and conditions of participation according to the ANTI-CORRUPTION FILM FESTIVAL 2015 Regulations.
They must contain elements that contribute to the determination of the adoption of an integral behavior by the citizens and the functioning of the state.
The campaign promotion spot can be viewed here:
The campaign promotion poster is attached.